Wild • Sustainable • Zero Bi-Catch • Dolphin Safe

Welcome to Coleman Fish LLC, we are excited to provide you and your family with fresh, high-grade Albacore Tuna. We are based out of the Westport, Washington marina; moored at Float 14. Our boat, the Julia C, travels longs distances from our home port in pursuit of one of the most sought after, seasonal delicacies of the Pacific Ocean, the Albacore Tuna.

The Julia C goes fishing for Albacore Tuna from June through October. The seasonality of this fishery, and the unlimited demand for quality product keeps us busy providing a healthy flow of fresh caught Albacore Tuna. We want to ensure that your catch is the freshest.

Carefully Handled • Bled • Chilled to -25°c

Pacific Ocean • Westport • Washington